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  1. Does all of your orders need to be delivered on time?
  2. Do you like saving fuel by reducing total distance driven?
  3. Have you though of minimize idle time for drivers?
  4. Or even having more time to handle more clients!
This all can be done using data and can be fully automated! Digging into the GIS and big data reveals a treasury for you. Lets say you deliver to a 1,000 customer daily and your have 10 drivers. Thinking about which driver go to which customer and who to deliver to first, will push you to more then 5^10297 different scenarios! which is a dilemma, an old known dilemma!

In graph theory, a branch of mathematics and computer science, Guan’s route problem, the Chinese postman problem, postman tour or route inspection problem is to find a shortest closed path or circuit that visits every edge of an (connected) undirected graph.

Now days, all available technologies are heading to the route planing and driving optimization challenges into outstanding achievements. At holul, we do compete in the field and presents tailored solutions to fit the local nature and challenges as well.